Born & bred Texan, I followed cloudier weather to England in Fall 2014. After wrapping up my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, I knew there was a piece of the puzzle missing. I loved the creative process and seeing projects come to fruition, but a Master's Degree International Relations was calling my name. I spent months applying to programs on both sides of the Atlantic and knew when that acceptance email landed in my inbox that I was buying a one-way plane ticket across the pond. 

Months turned into a year and as more months rolled by I accumulated another degree, a best friend, and more incredible memories than I could have ever imagined to pack into what feels like the blink of an eye. As my visa expiration date loomed over my head there was happiness, anxiety, tears, and everything in between – but life managed to fall into place perfectly.

Come February 2016, I traded in my Chelsea boots for sandals, hot cups of tea for icy margaritas and wound up in Austin, Texas. Refusing to loosen my grip on my love of travel and need for creativity, I now work in marketing in the tourism industry and although I miss life in the U.K. like crazy, my feet hit the floor every morning thankful for a job that I love. 

On the side, I'm passionate about photography (although I am no expert) and have major weaknesses for red wine, expensive candles, and Harry Potter. 

This blog was born when I was on the verge of moving overseas for my Master's Degree. After years of attempted blogging during various summer internships and my time studying art history abroad, I found my groove in Bristol, England. Blogging on everything from day trips around the English countryside to life bloopers of being an expat was the perfect outlet for me to ramble about my experiences and share photos deemed overboard for Facebook (although my mom was and still is my #1 reader). While it's off and on crickets here, I am constantly knee deep in the travel blogging world whether that be reading fresh posts with my morning coffee or late night destination research for an upcoming trip.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog by way of Sara! It's beautiful! Looking forward to following along! :)

    1. Hi Margo, thank you so much! I adore your blog, you've made me shove more German cities onto my travel bucket list than I can count... :)


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