Cliffs of...Mud.

Monday, November 30, 2015

I only had a quick three days in Ireland but time was not going to get in the way of one of my major bucket list items. With my base in Dublin I could get to just about anywhere in the country and juggled the idea of visiting Cork, kissing the Blarney Stone, and exploring the picturesque Kerry County – but only having enough time for one day trip I knew there was a bucket-list item I just had to tick...

The Cliffs of Moher.
*dramatic Irish music off in the distance*

A 3+ hour drive from Dublin all the way to the East coast of Ireland lies everyone's favourite Instagram opportunity. I went with the company Paddywagon, which stops at several spots along the way and back to give you a real feel for the Irish countryside. I think more time definitely could have been allotted for exploring the cliffs in lieu of a bathroom stop or two, but I really enjoyed my day with them and think you get great value for money.

I won't waffle on because there's only so much you can say about this stunning place – pictures don't do it justice but they surely do more than words!

What I like to refer to as the "Horcrux Cave" – You didn't think I would visit another country without
squeezing in some Harry Potter sights, did you?

I really loved the weather we had at the Cliffs, it wasn't pouring but it wasn't unnaturally sunny and warm so we got to experience them in their pure magical ambiance. The only downside was the wind which made photos slightly tricky....



Close enough.

There is a stone fence lining the cliffside which you aren't technically supposed to cross but everyone does because you can take in the view so much better and live life on the edge (literally). Although we lucked out with the weather it had been raining all day so the ground was really wet and caked with mud, which made for some cautious walking – especially considering it's a 700+ foot drop to the the rocky sea below.

After carefully making my way down a slope and holding my friend's hand at the bottom to stabilise myself...BAM. Yep, I slipped and fell. Not just fell: I'm talking feet in the air-butt smack in the muddiest possible spot of the trail-4 feet away from the drop of doom. It was so wet and muddy that I literally splashed everything around me. My jeans were slathered with mud (this photo actually shows the clean side of my body), my camera looked like it had been doused in a mud bath, I had it on my forehead, in my hair, on my rucksack...everywhere. Luckily all of my electronics were fine which was my main concern – I can take a bath but my DSLR can't. So unfortunately I spent the 4+ hour ride back to Dublin soaking wet and covered in stinky, slimy mud. Slipping and falling is nothing new for me since I'm a massive klutz but I had to convince the girls I had befriended that morning that I really was fine and am pretty much immune to embarrassment at this point in my life.

But at least I have a funny story now, right?

What's the most embarrassing thing you've done at a major tourist spot?

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