What NOT to say to a former expat.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Welcome to the real world!"

My world in England still had bills, budgets, rent, and you know... "real world" stuff. Moving overseas does not magically melt all of your problems away. 

"Thank goodness you are safe and we don't have to worry about you anymore."

"Why did you want to leave? Why didn't you just stay? Can't you just extend your visa?"
Unless you have applied for or lived on a visa, you have no idea how difficult, expensive, and stressful they are. Sometimes expats are simply out of options and have no other choice regardless of what they want and are so willing to work for. Not only is saying this extremely patronising and naive, but it's probably a touchy subject - most people have sleepless nights over visa issues.

"Oh I went there once!" *Attempt to sum up the expat country in one stereotypical sentence"
It rains SOOOO much in England. You lived in Bristol? How cool I love London! (?!)

"I wish I was lucky enough to take a few years off and do that"
Luck is all I needed for all of those endless visa applications! No months of hard work, tenacity, or determination required. Choosing to live abroad is incredibly complicated and requires a lot of time, patience, budgeting, sacrifices, and organisation. 

Sarcastically: "I know it's not [insert popular food in expat country] but I hope it'll be okay with you"
I assure you my taste buds won't recoil in horror at your spaghetti. 

"Let's hear you do an accent! Did you meet the Queen LOLOL?"
*Glares menacingly* 

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