Foreign Flubs #2

Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Foreign Flubs" began as a way to document the differences I picked up on or challenges I ran into now that I'm living in a new culture. As the days progress, lots of things are already becoming more familiar and common sense rather than as a surprise, which has me feeling rather chuffed.

Royal Fort Gardens

1. School children here are more independent as well as sociable here. I remember getting picked up from school by my mom in her car, surrounded by dozens of other cars squeezing and honking their way into the parking lot or lining up around the block causing traffic jams, all trying to make their way back home. Handfuls of kids would take the bus or bike home, while an even smaller number would walk.  Here, primary school aged children (about the equivalent of elementary to intermediate school back home) are walked to and from school by a parent, talking about their day without the disturbance of a radio or driving. Just yesterday I was strolling behind a dad walking his daughter home hand-in-hand – I may have been grinning behind them like an idiot with tears in my eyes trying not to burst from sheer cute-ness. Older children and teenagers walk to and from school in groups, stopping at a park to play football or popping into Sainsbury's for snacks. No carpool mania or technology distractions, just kids genuinely spending time with one another. I really enjoy watching them and if it wasn't totally dodgy to snap pictures of random children, I would.

2. Fries with mayo really is better. Sorry, Ketchup.

Getting a head start on my built-in winter coat with help from the Primrose Cafe in Clifton – two thumbs way up.

3. Food here expires a lot quicker than it does back home. I was bamboozled the first few times I went into the grocery store, thinking that they hadn't put out recent stock. I'm hazarding a guess that it's because America uses pesticides and other chemicals to enhance our food, which also makes it last longer. But don't quote me on this because I'm no expert! Any food industry gurus reading this?

4. Socks. Other than food, socks have been my most constant purchase. Back home in Texas, the weather is usually a balmly 70+ degrees Fahrenheit up until November/December (if we're lucky), so flip flops, Chacos, or any other sandal is usually my foot wear of choice. Here, not so much. It sounds naive but I really never realized how little I wore socks back home!

5. Speaking of clothes, I absolutely love the style in England. It's very casual chic – clean, comfortable, stylish, but not looking like you tried too hard. Thanks to the Internet and whatnot I've been attempting to bum off Brit style for years (Alexa Chung, Zoe Sugg, you name it), but now it is just so accessible and thanks to the weather, a lot more acceptable. I might actually do a full post on this, as I could really ramble on!

6. According to the Weather app, this will be changing shortly, but I just want to announce that I've lived in the UK for just under 3 weeks and it has only rained once.

7. One of the greatest bits about living here: eating two lunches back to back, and no one will judge you as long as you call one of them tea.

"But what about second breakfast?" (If you know that quote, we can be friends)

Is it summer? Is it fall? Take your time, I'm loving the juxtaposition. 

I'm really hoping to pull my actual camera out soon although I know the classic UK weather is about to make its appearance. I don't know if anyone else is like this, but when I move somewhere new I always start out scoping the area and taking pictures with my phone because my camera is like my child and I don't want to be out flashing it in unfamiliar areas. Please tell me I'm not the only one! Such an inner conflict as it's gorgeous here and I know my camera would showcase it much better than my phone.


  1. Alright, let's see here... Your first picture is very british. Great job!
    #1: I agree, completely. And I also LOVE the toddlers on scooters. What great balance!
    #2: NOPE! Still don't eat mayo! :)
    #3: Milk used to be my main complaint, but I've gotten used to it.
    #4: Socks, yes. And also invest in a onesie. Not sexy, but it was the best present I ever got from my husband. LOL
    #5: I live in Zara since they don't have Madewell here.
    #6: You've had good weather. I also had great weather when I moved here last year. Then we had the wettest winter in like 80 years. YAYYYY!
    #7: Love tea.

    That's it! xx

    1. I'm on the lookout for a great onesie! And I miss Madewell a lot, although my wallet is probably happy we are separated...

      I have a friend from Texas who moved here last year and she told me about that winter, I definitely got lucky! Thanks for joining in :) I love reading about how everyone adjusts to new cultures.


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