Foreign Flubs #3

Thursday, October 23, 2014

1. The locals are far too amused when I wear my wellies on days with scattered showers. Without fail, I get comments about them from complete strangers every time I wear them – people in the streets, people in shops, waiters, you name it.

"Bit of rain and you chucked on the wellies, eh!!"

What I take from these encounters: Getting wet builds character, don't whip out the umbrella and boots until you think you're actually going to drown.

Considering I got stuck in a 20-minute downpour the other day with no umbrella, no raincoat, suede boots, and a very white t-shirt right before giving my first grad school presentation, I'm gonna air on the side of caution and continue to wear my wellies if there is precipitation falling from the sky.

How 'bout dem apples?
2. Still not on board with roll on deodorant.

3. Where oh where can I find GOOD mac & cheese or non-sweet popcorn?!? England is convinced that cooked noodles with some shredded white cheese melted on top constitutes mac & cheese (no) and I can find pretty much any flavor of popcorn imaginable (prawns, chili, coconut) but not just plain ol' salty!

4. It's pretty gorgeous and green and getting all Autumnal over here. Which means...


5. I rarely eat candy/sweets when I'm home in the US of A. When I was younger and we would go on family road trips I would maybe pick up a 3 Musketeers during pit stops, but that was the extent of my candy escapades and it fizzled out during the teenager years. Here, on the other hand, you could say I'm simply immersing myself in the culture *wink wink*. My favorite is hands downs Maltesers, which are particularly hard to turn down before a train journey.

6. Not having a car has its ups and downs, but overall I'd still say I'm happy to be free of that responsibility. Everywhere I've visited has had a decent to fantastic public transportation system, other than Isle of Wight which is definitely easier to maneuver if you have your own vehicle.

Pros: The leisure of not having to drive, gas/petrol prices here are insane compared to home, very little street parking/car parks are a luxury, they drive on the wrong side of the road (hehe) so I wouldn't know what I was doing anyway, significantly more aggressive than they are at home – I see a near crash on a daily basis. A bus I was on today actually hit a sign...and just kept on going.

Cons: Not being on my own schedule, having to pay every time I want to use public transport (still doesn't compare to gas but it just...feels expensive at times?), crowds, germs. Also I think my butt is getting bigger but not sure if that's due to excessive uphill walking or to #5.

7. I finally had my first Sunday Roast! My flatmate from South Africa and I were itching to try one so after a failed attempt at a completely booked pub, we stumbled upon the White Bear and after a bit of a wait, got our fix. My favorite bit was honestly the meat, I don't know if that makes me boring or if I'm feeling a little beef-deprived not being in Texas anymore. I put my Southern white gravy bias aside and dug right in.

8. I purchased a rail card which means I'll be up for more day trips around the UK! I've only used it once for a return ticket to Southampton and can already see that it is seriously worth it. The card cost right under 30 pounds and on this ticket alone I saved 12, so two or three more trips until it's paid itself off and then I get the joy of discounted train journeys. Now if I can only decide where to actually go – "everywhere" apparently doesn't count as a destination ;)

Snooping around the S.S. Great Britain

No but really, where can I find salty popcorn?


  1. Great post,dear!:))
    Keep in touch xoxo

  2. That's a great post. I like wearing wellies when it's pouring outside and I want to go for a walk.


    1. Thank you! I LOVE wearing them and I specifically bought them because I was moving here haha. I have the lighter packable version and they're so comfortable and light.


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