London snapshots + a weekend recap.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm back on Texas soil! The weather is great and cuddling with my dog is even better. Today is actually the first day I've properly cracked open my laptop in a week, which is pretty unheard of for me.

Let's recap....

Last Wednesday I spent the day in London having tea at Kensington Palace with my friend from home and her family, wrapping up Christmas shopping with the hoards of Londoners and tourists on Oxford Street, and popped over to Homeslice to stare at the dreamy waiters...and eat pizza.

The next day I headed over to Heathrow Airport via Paddington + the Heathrow Express with plenty of time to spare, letting me enjoy a leisurely breakfast and "watch the world go by" as the waitress said while she plunked me into a cushy seat. I boarded the United Dreamliner, enjoyed my 3 extra inches of legroom, and spent the next 10.5 hours forcing myself awake and having a movie marathon.

Upon returning home, I was wrapped in a whirlwind of acquainting myself with my family's new temporary house, running errands, wedding rehearsals, the happiest and funnest wedding day for my best friend, finding my dress for my sister's wedding, and collapsing into my bed for as long as humanly possible. I'm happy to be home and can't wait for all the exciting things happening while I'm here!

Did I mention I also kicked jet lag's ass? Thankful for wedding weekend adrenaline keeping me alive.

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone wherever you are in the world! 

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