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Friday, February 20, 2015

Shrove Tuesday, more commonly known as Pancake Day, fell during Sara's time back in the UK. (We promise we have other friends but ya'know...friends who blog together, stay together?) It's basically the UK version of Fat Tuesday, but with less beads and more Nutella. The origin behind the holiday is that folks used to shovel all sugary bits out of their cabinets on this day, to prepare for the upcoming lent season. They would then make pancakes (the thin, crepe-versions, not American-style) and fill 'em up with everything they pulled which they wouldn't be able to eat in the following weeks.

In addition to wanting to stuff our faces with mounds of pancakes, we were both in need of a little nearing-the-end-of-winter TLC. I don't think I'm alone when January is over, my mind immediately jumps a season to spring, even with February looming its great gloomy clouds above us. Months of no sun, no shaving, and shoving your lotion to the back of your cabinet takes its toll, and few things make me feel better than having my hair transformed from its Mufasa-like state.

We booked appointments at my favorite hair salon this side of the pond - Melanie Giles, and moseyed our way to Bath for the afternoon. I've also recently realized that I've never actually posted about Bath here on the 'ol blog, but it's an easy 10-minute train journey from Bristol and a great place to spend the day. It definitely has more tourists than Bristol with the Ancient Roman Baths and Jane Austen flair, but is easier to conquer on foot and you can enjoy the sights of the hillside country mansions in the distance while standing in the city centre.

We picked up a pair of crepes to-go from a creperie in central Bath after my favorite crepe stand in Bristol was sadly overwhelmed with Pancake Day orders and was running over an hour behind. They were tasty enough to eat considering we devoured them in minutes, but weren't quite pretty enough to warrant a picture.

There are three branches of Mel Giles salons in the South West and I've only been to the Bath location, but it's one of the cutest salons with the loveliest staff along with some of the best service I've received...ever. Finding a new hairdresser can be a traumatizing experience (I've had my fair few) and this was a huge relief to stumble upon last year.


After a few dreamy hours of flipping through magazines and sipping minty tea, Sara left the salon several inches lighter with a new hue, and I had fluffy, bouncy curls that I wish I could recreate at home along with a fresh coat of paint for my desperately unpleasant-looking nails.

Feeling like human beings again, we took advantage of the sunny weather and good hair day. We tromped around the city, wandering around back gardens and parks, perusing the beauty aisles in the shopping district and being enablers for each other - "Yes, you NEED that lipstick. WHO knows when that foundation shade will be in stock again?! This eyeshadow was practically MADE for you!!"

The name of this plant made me chuckle.

This was the point when I accepted that I will never be one of those people who looks like they dropped off a runway and into a blog. Socially awkward photo-takers, unite.

The best part of being in a tourist town? Getting to play tourist. Have American accent, will jump into red telephone box.

What did y'all get up to on Fat Tuesday/Pancake Day? Team sweet or savoury?

Or better yet, any horror stories from trying to find a new hair salon?

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