Rainbow Town.

Monday, February 2, 2015

It's hard not to walk around Brighton & Hove with a smile on your face and a camera attached to your hip. As I said previously, my Airbnb flat was situated a 2 minutes walk to the seafront and then from there, a straight shot 25 minute stroll into central Brighton via the oceanfront promenade. With this on my right...

...and these beauts on my left.

Even though I was lucky enough to have a weekend full of sunshine, I bet these things could Brighton up even the dreariest of days (bahahhah...sorry).

^^^ This made me laugh. The glitz and glamour that goes with traveling solo! I could use some lessons in selfies...

I imagine that on warm summery days, these huts are opened and busting with BBQs, boards, and mothers attempting to slab some sunscreen on their children, but I'm glad I was able to see them in their dormant state. My daydreams of sipping a cocktail and reading a book inside of these huts were quickly dashed when I saw their price tag. Wowza. I guess being an iconic landmark as well as having a limited number makes them an elusive addition to anyone's key ring!

You're probably bored of me saying how much I enjoyed walking along the sea and the beach huts, but I really couldn't get enough of it. Sipping coffee in the mornings or slurping an ice cream in near-freezing temperatures couldn't have been spent in a better spot.

When I managed to peel myself away from the seafront, I headed inland in hopes of sneaking around the suburban streets to scope out the houses.

I must've been looking so starry-eyed at my surroundings that I was stopped by a kind stranger who asked if I was lost, to which I dreamily replied "No just wandering". My american accent does very little convincing in moments like that.

One of my favorite things to take pictures of are doors. Yes, doors. I love them. My fascination with the personality of doors first sparked during the summer I lived in Charleston, South Carolina and was spoiled by rows and rows of some of the most charming homes you'll ever see. My future dream home will not be complete until I have a happy, colorful, eye-catching door.

There was something around every corner to suit my color craving.

While the Brighton Pavilion may not be the most fluorescent of the bunch, it sure has a colorful personality. As the sun goes down the bohemian building seems to glow with jewel toned details and warmth.

And in the sunshine it's hard to believe you're in England and not some faraway exotic palace!

To be honest I'm jealous of anyone who calls Brighton & Hove home, and I'll definitely be back. Although I'm a little nervous that I was spoiled with the sunny weather and lack of tourists!

Sussex county seems like an incredible place to explore and Brighton is the perfect home base. During the train journey, about 40 minutes from the final destination, we passed by a village with a towering cathedral and an even bigger castle that looked as if they had been plucked out of a Disney movie and thrown into the coastal countryside. Chugging along about an hour past Brighton but before Eastbourne lands you at the Seven Sisters Cliffs and wildlife park.

Have you been to Brighton or anywhere else in Sussex? Anything I shouldn't miss next time? Were you shocked at the price tag for beach huts too?!

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