A Look Back At #ForeignFlubs

Monday, September 21, 2015

When I first moved to England, I wrote a series of posts titled "Foreign Flubs" where I listed out little things that I noticed were different from home and the little struggles I had with the mini-culture shock I was experiencing. Most people assume that there's no adjustment period when moving to another Western, English-speaking country, but there is! Definitely not as dramatic as the ones experience by people who move places where they don't share the language, norms, etc. but it still exists.

Since I recently passed the one-year mark of living in the UK and my last Foreign Flubs post was written way back in February, I thought it'd be fun to go through all of the old posts and pull out ones that made me laugh or that I still agreed with to see how much my mindset has changed or not changed in the past 12 months. I'm not going go through every single point because there are nearly 40 different points and this would be the longest post ever.

Foreign Flubs #1
2. I still ask people "how are you" because the Bristolian "You alright loves?" does not roll off my tongue very well.

Foreign Flubs #2
2. Mayo on ALL THE THINGS. Not just regular mayo, but I now consume a deadly amount of various flavoured mayo - especially garlic mayo. Yum. I can't remember the last time I dipped chips/fries/whatever you want to call them in ketchup. Poor ketchup.
4. I have an entire drawer dedicated to socks and I still find myself needing more. I think my toes have felt British air a grand total of four times.
5. Still absolutely love British style, but I'm ready for the whole crop-top thing to be over. I think I'm the only person who can't pull it off! Right now the fashion vibe is very 70s-meet the 90s and I can't decide how I feel about dungarees (overalls).
7. Took me FOREVER to pick up on this, but lots of people call dinner "tea". This dates back to when the Upper Classes had an leisurely afternoon tea followed by dinner, while the Working Class would return home from work needing a big meal and would call their final meal of the day "tea". I once had a friend say she was going home to make tea and needed to pick up ingredients for homemade pizzas, much to my confusion.

Foreign Flubs #3
1. Ugh, I hate to admit but I now only wear my wellies when it's pouring or if I'm off in the countryside. I still love them to bits though.
2. Yep, roll-on deodorant is still the worst.
5. My Maltesers consumption is back under control.
6. I still enjoy not having to drive, being able to walk places, and I love trains - but I sometimes wish I had a car for certain things, moving house was an obvious time for this but there's also a lot of unexplored territory in the UK I'm dying to see that is really difficult to get to via public transport.
7. A year later and my Sunday Roast total only comes up to *two*. I like them, but I think it's one of those things best enjoyed with your family when it's homemade.

Foreign Flubs #4
3. Now that I'm working I am a tea drinking machine. I still prefer coffee in the mornings, but throughout the day my co-workers and I will go through mountains of tea...and biscuits if it's Friday and we're feeling cheeky.
4. That Tesco no longer stocks Kraft Mac 'n Cheese *sits in corner and cries*
6. Upgraded to a Cath Kidston umbrella after I had enough of the flimsy Primark ones and it's still going strong many months later.

Foreign Flubs #5
6. Rugby is back on the screens now that England is hosting the World Cup - even though lots of games are being played in Cardiff which...isn't in England...? I've watched a few matches and like it, I just wish I understood the rules better.
7. I'm really not looking forward to the sun setting so early again! It was amazing having sunshine until 9pm all summer and darkness at 4pm is not my thing.

If you've visited or moved to a new country, was there anything you were initially shocked by that you don't even notice anymore?

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