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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ever since I've moved out of my parent's house at 18 years old I've lived in 8 different places, not including moving my stuff back and forth through my parent's house during school holidays and in between moves. I've lived alone, with 6 housemates, with best friends, and with strangers. Needless to say my style when it comes to making these places home has varied drastically over the years. From my pink and teal dorm room to when I wanted every bit of furniture to be black wrought iron, with a bit of hindsight under my belt I think I've finally figured out my personal style.

My goal when it comes to home interiors and exteriors is Anthropologie meets Oliver Bonas meets West Elm in a vintage-retro-minimalist-rustic-chic-but still comfortable type of way. Okay, so maybe not a crystal clear vision, and I definitely don't have the budget for that trifecta of home goodness, but I can dream right? Taking a peek at my Pinterest board is the probably the easiest way to understand my personal style and designs I love.

I'm still not at the point in life where I'm picking out furniture or needing to fill an entire home of my own – although it's something I literally can not wait for. Being from the South you don't really purchase and deck out your own home until you're married. However, that's not happening anytime soon and I feel downright oppressed that it's not socially acceptable to have my own pastel Kitchen Aid mixer! Let me bake cupcakes and live my life in peace! 


During my latest move into a house share, most of the things that fill my new room are directly from my old room, but I have managed to pick up a few bits and pieces in a budget-friendly way to make my new room as home-y as possible. I'm so happy about the amount of natural light my new room gets! It may not sound very exciting, but my last flat was nestled in the ground floor corner facing a courtyard flanked by trees and buildings, so I sometimes felt like I was living in a cave.

+ Duvet set: Primark
+ Furry cushion: Debenhams (can't find a link but I picked it up last year)
+ String and clips for photos: Urban Outfitters
+ Wall map (actually a sheet of gift wrap, ha!): Urban Outfitters
+ Bowl for spare coins: Oliver Bonas
White lacy makeup containers: Ikea
To-Do list: Rifle Paper Co.
Mug: Emma Bridgewater (from the discounted "Seconds" department)

Now that Autumn is right around the corner, I've officially deemed it hot chocolate season and couldn't be happier about an excuse to nose dive into a mountain of whipped cream.

Speaking of new styles, you might have noticed that I've given the blog an 'ol re-design. Nothing tooooo distant from the original, but definitely a bit cleaner and easier to manoeuvre around. Bear with me if there are a few kinks here and there, but let me know what you think!

What's your personal style like for home d├ęcor? Do you stick to a budget or go all out?

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