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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Remember a few years ago when cupcakes became super trendy and it was impossible to turn the corner without bumping into a new shop or seeing a new recipe on Pinterest? While the proliferation of delicious baked goods is fine with me as I have a major sweet tooth, I definitely feel like the quality of certain treats go down when they suddenly become popular. Enter: plain flavours, grainy icing, and uninspired designs. I had really gone off them the past few years other than the occasional bite at a birthday party.

Recently, a friend from the states I interned with a few years ago with hopped across the pond for a quick weekend visit. Our first order of business was to find a snack to help fight off her jet lag and my exhaustion from catching a ridiculously early train to London, and of course to catch up with each other as over two years had somehow passed since we last saw each other! She led me to a cupcake shop that she had been itching to try after seeing it raved about on a blog or two, and I was in no position to turn down sugar at this point so I put aside my opinions on cupcake shops and cheerfully obliged. We took advantage of the beautifully sunny and crisp October weather and moseyed our way from Sloane Square up into Belgravia. 

Also, JD happens to be an extremely talented photographer which is why photos from her trip on here will be stunning and I'll actually be in some of them for a change! Check out her website here if you are in the South Carolina area and in need of beautiful photos and follow her on Instagram here. Her feed is dreamy and I say that in the most un-biased fashion although I'm totally biased towards the human behind them. 

Obviously any photos in this post that I am physically in were not taken by me, all credits to JD! It was a fun (and weird) change to be on the other side of the lens, although I was reminded just how awkward I am when the tables are turned. 

Still refusing to believe that she had just completed 7+ hours of traveling! 

Walking through some of the wealthiest and most picturesque neighbourhoods in London, we were met with a blinding block of pink against the monochrome homes lining the roads. 

Peggy Porschen Parlour arrived to Belgravia 5 years ago, although the company was founded in 2003 by Peggy and her husband. Everything inside of the teeny shop was white/pink, impeccably clean, and basically epitomised the word pretty. Teas, packaged treats, and books lined the wall and the girl behind the counter greeted us with a smile. We both picked out our cupcakes - Cookies & Cream for me, Strawberry & Champagne for JD, and opted for a glass of champagne each to celebrate being reunited. The weather made the adorable outside tables irresistible and our treats were brought to us immediately. The glass of champagne ended up actually being a miniature bottle each, which was a most welcome surprise.  

I patiently waited for her to photograph our set up before diving in.

...Although I could only wait so long before getting my paws on that champagne after that early morning start and traumatising train journey. 

1 out of 2 isn't bad! 

Perfect people-watching seats in one of the most beautiful spots in London town aside, we agreed that these were honestly the best cupcakes either of us had ever had. Mine had an actual Oreo baked INSIDE the cake which was just the right consistency of soft and moist without falling apart and most importantly, the icing. I feel like the icing on cupcakes is usually where they lose me. This was by far the softest, tastiest, least-grainy icing I think I've ever had. Lots of "best I've ever had" phrases being thrown left and right here, but I'm not exaggerating! There's a clear reason why her cakes have graced the parties of A-list celebrities and royals, although our afternoon visit by no means broke the bank. If you are a cupcake lover and find yourself in Belgravia, you should definitely pay a visit to Peggy Porschen.

Speaking of delicious baked goods, I'm so sad this year's GBBO is over! Even though I was #TeamTamal from day one, I couldn't be happier for Nadiya. She seems so lovely and her speech after her win had me in tears. Did you watch Bake Off this year?

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