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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

There was a visible solar eclipse in the UK this week! In typical British fashion, everyone moaned about the existence of clouds, but Bristol had a slightly better view than some other areas. It definitely looked different outside, like there was a filter on all the buildings and trees and a quick look at the sun itself looked...misshapen. I did my best with my iPhone, and strangely enough it showed up in the glare. 

I've been in a bit of a state of neglect with this blog lately - not really sure why other than I haven't really done anything "blog worthy". I'm not so sure snaps of me walking to class, awkwardly trying to find a spot in the gym, or strolling the aisles of Boots for hours on end would be that interesting to y'all. I used to do a series called Foreign Flubs when I first moved here, noting all the quirky differences and unexpected mishaps that come with being an expat. As months have gone on, these "odd" encounters have become my normal day-to-day life, I'm officially no longer taken aback by lingo or cars driving on the left. I DO have a very special visitor coming soon and we'll be taking jolly ol' England by storm, so I think there will be some fun posts on the horizon.

Luckily, I was tagged for a Liebster (or whatever you prefer to call it) again recently, this time by Caity, the Beatles-obsessed lady over at Where The Heart Is. I ran across her blog a few months ago and can't help but get excited when she makes a new post - being fellow American master's students in the UK kinda makes us kindred spirits. So thanks Caity for giving me a free excuse for a blog post! Here we go...
  1. What's a day in the life of you?
    Well In My Life (Ha! Please be proud of me Caity) I usually wake up and have breakfast (I can NOT skip breakfast, it blows my mind that some people do) and toodle around the internet while drinking my coffee to catch up on what happened across the pond whilst I was sleeping. If it's a class day then I'll go over my notes from readings to prepare for the seminar before heading off for that. If it's a productive off-day then I'll go to the gym, run errands, do more readings (if you're a grad student, you know the drill) catch up on emails, fill out my planner, maybe do some tidying because I'm a neat-nick, and try to Facetime with my family when they wake up. On non-productive days I like to go on walks around Bristol or squeeze in a day trip if I have enough time. At night I'll either hang out with friends at a local pub or sit in my onesie drinking tea and watching YouTube videos.
  2. What are you really really good at?
    Organisation and being creative? This sounds like a one-way street to being a cat lady.
  3. What meal could you eat for the rest of your life; food, drink, and dessert?
    Food: Tacos because I could switch up the fillings and include breakfast options..loophole ;) 
    Drink: that boring? I would say red wine but if we're talking the only option for the rest of my life I would be really drunk and dehydrated 24/7. 

    Dessert: Milkshakes. Easiest answer ever.
  4. Favorite musical?
    Would it be really basic of me to say Wicked or Les Mis? I've pretty much loved every musical I've seen though!
  5. Life goal - what is it?
    o have a decent answer to this question. Nothing makes my mind go blank like these types of questions. The pressure!!
  6. Dogs or babies?
    Dogs 0:)
  7. You have to travel with only one person for the next 5 years. That means 24/7 baby. Who is it?
    Either Sara because we literally travel in sync with each other or one of my friends from my study abroad program because after traveling for weeks around Europe, we have all seen each other at our absolute worst and best.
  8. What is your current JAM?
    I usually opt for a nice strawberry or blackberry. Jokessss.... My jam switches about every week but as of late it's been Big Girls Cry by Sia.
  9. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
    Have a conversation with JK Rowling. I get really nervous and anxious so I'm pretty sure I would see her and instantly faint or throw up. Charming. 
My questions!
  1. Link a meme/gif/tumblr screenshot that makes you laugh without fail, every time. 
  2. Favourite social media site?
  3. Planes vs. trains
  4. Which actor/actress would play you in your biopic?
  5. What forgotten song from the 2000's do you think we need to bring back?
  6. Most embarrassing old username (AIM, Xanga, Myspace...)
  7. What television character do you most identify with?
  8. Define modern dating in one word.
  9. You get invited to a house party - what do you bring with you?
  10. What do you do when you hit a roadblock with blogging?
I tag...
Sara @ Of Golden Roses (because I don't mention her enough already), if you're reading this. 

I'm running low on ideas of who to tag because I feel like everyone I follow has already done this tag a million times over, so if you're reading this and have been there done that but feel like doing it again, or have never done one - go right ahead!

Even if you don't feel like doing the whole she-bang, I would like to know your answer to #10 down in the comments - what you do when you feel like you're in a blogging rut? 

PS - In other news, my laptop did the latest software update which was desperately needed, I thought it was on its last leg a few weeks ago which beyond stressed me out with second term essays and beginning my dissertation around the corner. However, it also changed all of my settings based on my location (bit big brother-ish) and I now get autocorrected to British English. Splendid. I can't stand red squiggles or misspelling things, so if I suddenly start throwing a U into words or replacing a Z with an S, I promise I'm not trying to say "Hey look at me, I've lived here for less than a year but I'm totally British."

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