TBTravel: Washington, DC.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

To kick off my series of TBTravel posts and to start filling up the empty spaces of my places page, today I'm bringing y'all photos of my trip to DC. I have no idea why I started here other than I was prepping for this trip almost exactly a year ago on the dot.

I had been in and out of DC in less than 24 hours when I was younger thanks to a volleyball tournament. Meaning: I walked around the main monument area for a while, posed with my Hot Topic tee in front of the White House, and then hopped back in the car.

This time, I was staying with a friend who works in DC so I got a real feel for the city this go around. She had an intern ID at the time that got us into the employee tunnel of the Capitol and gave me a personal tour, i.e. we skipped the multiple hour group-led tour and she showed me the highlights.

Regardless if you're into politics or even American, DC is an awesome city to visit. There are tons of young professionals working there, making it a fun and hip place for a vacation with plenty of art and history thrown in there too.

No good vacation begins without brunch.

The reflection pool sans-pool.

She has the most amazing hair. Just don't ask if you can pet her or you'll lose a finger.

Georgetown was one of my favorite areas in the whole city, and the day we went was also when were were surprised with several inches of snow, making it even more beautiful! And free of tourists.

It was St. Patrick's Day, a celebratory cupcake was in order.

...Okay so TWO celebratory cupcakes were in order.

I'd watched the show DC Cupcakes on TLC that features this bakery and the owners a few times, thinking that it might be one of those uber-hyped up places that wasn't up to scratch.

I was wrong. These cupcakes ARE delicious.


Firefly – Great for brunch. DC loves brunch, and so do I.
Georgetown Cupcakes – Surprisingly do live up to their hype. If the idea of waiting in line for a cupcake makes you roll your eyes (we lucked out with the icky weather and had the place nearly to ourselves), Sprinkles is just down the road.
Good Stuff Eatery – Went for the burger and fries, stayed for the milkshakes. And I have some serious standards when it comes to milkshakes. A+ all around.
Founding Farmers – A mere 10 minute walk from the White House, this place does a cracking breakfast and has a great atmosphere. They also serve lunch & dinner along with their full bar, but I who am I to turn down pancakes with whipped blueberry butter? They also take reservations via Open Table which makes life so much easier.

Recommendations by another friend who works in DC: We the Pizza & Ben's Chili Bowl (Obama's favorite chili)


If you are without a car, Uber is your best friend in DC.
There is also an efficient metro, a rarity in the US in contrast to Europe.


George Washington hired a French architect to design and plan DC, and upon closer inspection you can tell the influence Paris had on the layout. The National Mall is essentially a large park of sorts that has all the famous "DC" things to see. With all of these historical landmarks clustered together, you can spend a full day in this area weaving around the monuments and popping into museums, most of which are free.

Georgetown is an area that's worth a visit. It's a high-end area slash university campus that hosts streets of great shops, food, and picturesque homes.

National Archives –  Where you can peer at the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights with your own eyes. Granted, they are underneath about an inch of glass and faded to smithereens, but very cool to see.
Holocaust Memorial Museum – Very moving and well-crafted.
Museum of American History – Boasts everything from Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, every First Lady's Inaugural Ball gown, and robes from the Harry Potter movies.
Newseum – A lovechild of history and media plus home to a balcony with prime views of the Capitol. You do have to pay an entry fee for this one.
Museum of Natural History – Everyone likes dinosaurs. We just do!

** Worth noting that there are enough museums in DC to entertain you for weeks covering just about any topic you could be interested in. Postal service museum? Sure! 

Have you been to DC? I was surprised at how much I really liked it!

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