Bibury, Arlington Row, and that Yellow Car.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Coined "the most beautiful village in England" by William Morris is Bibury, in Gloucestershire.

Although its officially recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086 under the name Becheberie, the ruins of an Ancient Roman villa were discovered in the 19th century, including pottery and coins. Bibury is also one of the six places in the United Kingdom to be featured in the famous "Mini-Europe" in Brussels.

Considering how many photos I took while I was there, it's hard to argue with Morris on the picturesque beauty of this village. My only hesitation is that it was SO busy, it almost felt like I was in "Bibury: The Amusement Park" rather than the idyllic village it's meant to be. (Don't be fooled by my cropping of people in all the photos). Chalk it up to the amazing weather getting everyone outside, I guess!

What surprised me the most was how quirky and busting such a small place was - in addition to a good number of homes dotted along the roads, the village hosts an inn with a pub including a stunning garden for guests only, a trout farm, relaxing trails to take a stroll through, tea rooms, patios, and a stunning display of wildlife. The River Coin flows through the centre of the village and you could see dozens of trout working their way through the sparkling clear water while swans floated happily above. There's a large circular swamp just past the non-road side of the river that you can walk over via a footbridge in order to get to the iconic west side of the village.

This most iconic bit of the village I mentioned, originally called "Rack Isle," is Arlington Row. This series of cottages along the hill has served multiple purposes throughout its history including sheephouse, wool store, the place for the weavers to hang their cloth to dry, but nowadays it's famous for being pictured on the inside of all UK passports...and everyone's Instagrams.

But who can blame them?

Almost as famous as the cottages themselves is the bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa parked towards the end of the row. This tiny car has wreaked outrage from photographers and tourists alike for ruining the aesthetic of their photo, and the owner could care less. I honestly think the whole ordeal is hilarious - with some cropping or photoshop you can hide it but people genuinely curse its existence and its colouring. But c'mon - he lives there, he puts up with tourists hounding his village, why shouldn't he park in front of his home! He's 71 years old, do people really expect him to find a new place to park walk a long distance just to get through his front door or purchase a new car just to please everyone?

YOU DO YOU, yellow Vauxhall.

How do y'all feel about it "ruining" everyone's photos?

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