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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Whoopsie....looks like someone has been neglecting the blog again...I know all of my excuses are lame, but school deadlines + laptop crash = chaos. Let's pick apart what's I've been up to lately, bullet-point style...

  • I turned 24 which I keep forgetting happened to be honest. I feel like getting to 21 was a lifetime and the birthdays have just been rolling by since then. I spent most of my day setting up my laptop amid all my technology woes and managed to get out and spend some time at a pub to celebrate with my friends. I wanted the whole thing to be very low key so when my friend brought over a brownie with a candle in it I practically jumped haha.
  • Aside from laptop issues, another reason I've been pretty out of touch with the blog lately is my spring round of essays are due this week (I break out into a sweat just typing that) and my dissertation deadlines have also begun to roll in. My fall essay deadline in January was plagued by jet lag and illness, but I'm somehow just as stressed about them this time around. I'll be spending the next week from sun up to the wee hours of the morning in the library finishing them up. 
  • Mother's Day in the U.S. is this Sunday - which is wonderful because who doesn't like celebrating mom, but the U.K. Mother's Day was in March meaning Mother's Day cards have been non-existent here.
  • The UK General Election was this week, it was really fascinating to see how similar/different the process was compared to the U.S. All of the polls over the past few months wound up being completely wrong, so the second the exit poll was released after the polls were closed, everyone was really shocked. It'll be interesting to see how everything unfolds with the unprecedented amount of SNP MPs and how the Lib Dems and Labour rebuild.
  • Speaking of SNP...I'm going to Scotland! After my last round of essays were turned in, I treated myself with a mini-holiday to Brighton, so I decided to do the same this time, but opted to go a bit further north to Edinburgh. I've been there before but it was about 10 years ago so needless to say I don't remember a whole lot. Please give me any tips you have below if you have any - I'll be hitting up the Harry Potter hot spots of course, but any other bits of advice are welcome! I'm also debating doing a highlands bus tour type of thing or a one to St. Andrews, you catch my drift. I know I could spend forever in Edinburgh but while I'm in Scotland I'd like to take advantage of as much as possible!
Have you been to Scotland before? Do you have any "must-do"s?

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