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Saturday, February 6, 2016

...the ooootherrr siiiiiiddeee!!
Promise I'll chill out with the Adele references soon (never).  Anyway...

Hello from Austin, TX!

2016 for the blog so far has been a whole lot of "Sorry I'm busy/moving/other things". And for that, I apologize. In my defense, during the past four weeks I've gone from home in Texas back to Bristol - to London - to Paris - to Provence - back to Paris - back to London - back to home in Texas - onto my NEW home in Texas: Austin. I've left a job, started a new one, packed up all my belongings just to unpack, repack, repeat.

I'm curled up on my new couch with a glass of red wine with my feet kicked up ready for a weekend of NOTHING. Okay, in reality doing about 12 more trips to Target.

As I mentioned in my previous post - I've moved because visas expire, but mostly because I have a new job. A job that I am so so thrilled for and passionate about.

I've been so busy and wrapped up in everything that I honestly haven't had time to miss England yet. Sure I get tiny pangs of sadness when I see a photo of rainy London or rows of colorful houses in Bristol, forgetting that I actually own a dishwasher now, and trying to get to grips with driving a car again - but I could not be more excited about my job and new home. My coworkers have really helped make the transition seamless. At the office there's no "You lived where? But why would you leave America? Europe is weird and different" vibes. Everyone has a passion for travel and most have lived abroad much longer than I did! They've been to Europe. To England. They get it. They can chit chat with me about trains, tea, culture shock, and everything in between.

With a booming economy, nightlife, food culture, tech industry, and so forth - Austin is such an exciting place to live. I've visited Austin a ton growing up and during college and have always loved how it's the perfect mix of city, nature, and fun. It's reasonable driving distance of family members and friends which means I actually get to attend weddings, birthdays, and random weekends just because - something I couldn't even do in college!

What's happening with the blog?
Austin has no shortage of potential blog material. Working full time will whittle my time spent doing "bloggy" things, no denying that. Between adjusting to a new schedule, decorating a new home, and trying to work in a new social life - the posts may not be immediate but I'm still determined to capture and share things that give me joy.

In the meantime, here's to Texas! *raises wine glass*

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