Cathedrals, Clocks, and Castles.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

After our mad dash around Somerset visiting Glastonbury and Cheddar, Wells was the perfect way to wind down our day. The cathedral is truly spectacular from the outside and like I've mentioned before, I can be difficult to impress when it comes to churches. I like 'em medieval and gothic, the more obnoxious looking the better. Extra points for gargoyles.

Entry to the cathedral is free, but in order to take photos you must buy a photography pass for £3. No one actually checked and asked to see our passes, but ya know – it's a church so depending on your beliefs someone has their eye on you...

Pretty ceilings get a thumbs up.
Astronomical clocks are the coolest. This is considered to be the second-oldest clock in the world to survive in its original condition.
That cool clock is connected to this guy who bursts out of the wall when the bells ring upon the hour, inducing a few "Christ" like phrases from my mouth.

After leaving the cathedral we hunted for the Bishop's Palace that Sara had seen from the top of Wells Cathedral on a private tour she had previously gone on. I don't know what makes a place a palace vs a castle but it had a drawbridge so I'm going to call it a castle.

Swan Princess anyone? I still know every word, like a champ.

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