Charming Castle Combe.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You know when you go somewhere and think "Wow, this feels like a movie set?"

Enter, Castle Combe Village in Wiltshire.

Our first stop of the day on the Mad Max Tour that I talked about a few days ago took us about 45 minutes from the center of Bath, through rolling hills and an insane amount of green countryside.

Arriving in Castle Combe is a time-warp. The village is completely equipped with internet and cable like everyone else – but you'd never know it. Thanks to Hollywood and big names like Spielberg using the village in films such as the original Doctor Doolittle and War Horse, all cables and anything modern is hidden away, built inside walls and other structures to maintain the historical aesthetic. Take down a few for sale signs, scoot the cars away, and you have a ready-made set.

Between the peaceful stream and blissful surroundings, it's hard not to imagine yourself living in simpler times. If you fancy packing up your things and moving to this storybook street, we were informed that most of the homes there will set you back an eye-watering £500,000 to £3 million.

There were a few tea shops and pubs dotted along the road (as the village is literally is a single road) along with a restored Manor House turned hotel and golf course, which I think would make for a delightful weekend getaway or wedding.

Wiltshire quickly became one of my favorite rural areas in England, as it's just so unspoiled. Coming up next in my blogroll is the highlight of my day...

Do you prefer exploring big cities or tiny towns?

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