Foreign Flubs #4

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1. I had never really understood the drama behind the Marmite debate. What could taste SO specific that you can ONLY love it or hate it, nothing in between? On a trip to Waitrose, I decided it was time for me to decide for myself so I picked up the teeniest bottle, spread a bit onto a rice cake, and took a bite.

Eyes-watering, face scrunched, I spit that out as fast as I possibly could and chugged some water. Got it.

If you are a person that legitimately enjoys eating Marmite...How do you eat it? When do you crave it? What is wrong with you? (jokes...but not really)

2. I need to come up with a better response to "cheers" other than "yup" and "sorry" other than mumbling "it's okay you're fine".

3. I've finally got my tea:coffee ratio and schedule down to an art form and I found decent tasting instant coffee. I'm actually really liking the process of instant coffee because all I have to do is turn on the kettle, scoop out a bit of the coffee, and fill the mug with hot water. Bam. Coffee. No plastic waste to toss afterwards like my Keurig back home, either. Wait did I just diss my beloved Keurig?

Morning: Coffee. Sorry tea, you just don't wake me up.
Afternoon: Black tea, breakfast tea...Preferably with scones and mountains of cream.
Night: Herbal tea. Teapigs Licorice and Peppermint you are da


4. I FOUND KRAFT MAC AND CHEESE AT A TESCO AND SARA SHOWED ME WHERE TO FIND MICROWAVABLE SALTY POPCORN. I may or may not have eaten an entire box of mac and cheese the next day...

*Hilary Duff voice* "This is what drReeEEEAAAMSSsss are made of"

5. Every time I ring the bell on the bus I feel like everyone is watching me or that I pressed it at the wrong time.


6. Primark, I like you but your umbrellas are crap. I've gone through 3 in 2 months. Any recommendations for a cheap, small, not-going-to-break-when-there's-a-gentle-breeze umbrella?

7. With no Thanksgiving as the unofficial barrier between seasons, Christmas is alive and well and I am INTO IT. I went to the Bristol German Christmas Market a few days ago and it made all my dreams come true.

I think I took this around 5pm. Who needs daylight when you have sugary donuts and German sausage?

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