Altstadt Salzburg.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Although we only had a quick 24 hours in Salzburg, the city's walk-ability and compact size didn't leave us feeling like he had missed out on a chunk of it. I'm sure we didn't see it all by any means, but we weren't leaving frantically, running back and forth from monument to monument. Salzburg's Old Town, or "Altstadt" runs along the riverside and is packed with shops, restaurants, and things to see.

I've been trying to figure out the right wording for this, but Salzburg was both Rach and myself's first encounter with World War II history in former Nazi-occupied simple terms: "Hitler was here"...and that made us a bit fidgety at times. Sure we've seen historical bits from WWII in Hawaii, London, and Paris, but there was just something different about being in countries like Austria and Germany. 

Adjacent to Residenzplatz is Salzburg Cathedral, free to enter and well worth a visit for the baroque architecture alone. The original dome was built in 774 and throughout history was torn down, changed, and added on, before finally being completed in the 1600's and being partially damaged during WWII. Also, Mozart was baptised here!

According to Google Translate, "zuhören" means "listen" there ya go. This statue is by Anna Chromy and is named Pietà or Coat of Peace...but I'll be honest and say the first thing I thought of was a dementor.

Historic water wheel, still functioning and used to this day for the bakery in the building alongside it. The canal system is one of the oldest in Europe and research says that it could date back to the 8th century.

St. Peter's Abbey poking out from behind buildings, a Benedictine monastery founded in 696. 

The University of Salzburg Church, Kollegienkirche, founded in 1623.

Mozart's birthplace turned museum open for visitors. We didn't get a chance to go in, but we read that his childhood violins are on display as well as early editions of his music so it could be very interesting if you are a music lover.

Part of the University of Salzburg's botanical gardens...statues of pickles. Because why not.

Salzburg does not mess around when it comes to bell ringing. Upon every hour the entire city will come alive with the sound of music bells.

"We will, we will, padlock you." - European bridge battle cry

Have you had a whirlwind trip to a city for less than 24 hours?

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