Pasta alla Tentacles in Lake Garda.

Friday, July 17, 2015

25 minutes west of Verona lies Italy's largest lake - Lake Garda. Step aside, Lake Como! (JK - Please let me visit you too one day) Making the most of our time in Verona, we ventured to the quaint town of Desenzano del Garda for the day.

Touching 3 different provinces, the lake has seen thousands of years of history and its strategic location and size has thrown the waters through several different wars. From the ancient battleground of Romans, Venetians, Austrians, to hosting the town that became the temporary capital of Italy during World War II, this lake is flooded with history and beauty.

The southern shores aren't quite as dramatic as the mountainous north, but you can still see the towering mountains off in the distance on a clear day, as ferries make their way back and forth between the shoreside towns. The sheer size of the lake is overwhelming, I had to keep reminding myself that this was not part of the ocean. I caught myself saying things like "seaside" more than I could count!

If all of the history and scenic landscapes haven't convinced you, maybe the food will? Each restaurant fights for their spot along the water, serving up the best of Italy alongside a local fishy twist. Soz, Spongebob.

Can we also discuss how my best friend is really, really ridiculously photogenic?

Are you a shellfish lover or hater? I guess we can all at least agree that Italian shores are pretty gorgeous.

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