Tour Montparnasse.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seeing a city from high above is one of my favourite parts of travelling. The Eiffel Tower is pretty famous for its views from the top and it's most visitor's go-to spot for taking in the views of the city. Although I've only made it to the mid-way point of the tower and the experience of climbing up the metal steps are something I'll never forget, there was always one thing I didn't like about its views of can't see the Eiffel Tower when you're on the Eiffel Tower. It sounds silly but paying and queuing and climbing to get to the top and see all of Paris without its beautiful landmark in sight is kind of a bummer to me. Tour Montparnasse, on the other hand, is what locals see as an eyesore. They hate the black skyscraper juxtaposed against the Parisian architecture so much that after it was completed, the city banned the construction of any building higher than seven stories.

Instead of having that big ugly tower ruin your view of Paris' landscape from the Eiffel Tower, you can zip up the tower in an elevator and get a 360° views of the city (Eiffel Tower included) on the rooftop terrace behind glass planes.

Trying to be cool and European and not smiling with my teeth...

...before snapping back to reality as an awkward turtle.

You can see everything from the Louvre to Notre Dame and beyond from the terrace and it's infinitely less crowded than the Eiffel Tower. I've also trudged up the 200-something steps to the top of the Arc de Triomphe and think it's a great option for those who are short on time and not scared of a bit of a workout. Hate to break it to ya Eiffel Tower fans, but if you can only do one of the competing towers, I would choose Tour Montparnasse!

Terrace includes a champagne bar, the panoramic floor below has a cafe and gift shop.
Opening hours - Open every day of the year, but times slightly vary based on time of year
Rates - €15 for adults, €11,70 for youths aged 16-20 and students, €9,20 for children ages 7-15, and €7,50 for disabled persons (No need to book in advance, just show up)

Have you been up the Eiffel Tower or Tour Montparnasse? Which was your favourite? 

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