Pause for Macarons.

Friday, July 10, 2015

It's no secret to my friends and family that I'm a "go-go-go" traveller. As much as I love hitting the snooze button at home, being on vacation leads me to waking up religiously around 7am when my feet begin bouncing, ready to take on the day. While I think this is the best way to carpe diem, it's not without its faults...blisters and sore feet aside, the #1 cause of mood swings when your travel style is can't stop won't stop is when you get surprised with a bout of hanger. 

Hanger - "A lethal combination of hunger and anger, the result of waiting so long to eat that your blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels, impairing both your mood and your judgment. Particularly manifests itself when you are with a significant other and trying to make decisions about where to eat now that you're both starving." (Urban Dictionary)

Rach and I devised a plan to keep ourselves from getting moody while travelling together, as we still wanted to be BFFFFFFs after this trip was over and getting snappy with each other is not our style. Our rules included carrying a water bottle with us, always stop at a toilet if we see one, and to pay attention to any rumbling stomachs! 

When your sugar levels and energy begin flagging while hopping from place to place, every country has something special on offer to give you a boost...Italy has gelato, England has 99s, America has 72oz cokes, and Paris? Paris has macarons. 

Anyone with an Instagram has heard of Ladurée (as you should, they're delicious and I won't hear a word against strawberry candy incroyable) but a pre-trip internet search led me to Margo's from The Overseas Escape rave about Pierre Hermé - all I needed to hear was "top 3 sweets I've ever had" and I was sold. Conveniently a 10 minute's walk from the Luxembourg Gardens, it gave us the perfect opportunity to pick up some treats and give our feet a break while soaking in the sunshine. Even with a line out the door, the staff were friendly and happy to explain each flavour and not roll their eyes at my pointing method for ordering or the fact that I got jittery and asked a question in Spanish.... I let Rach do the talking from then on. 

The face of pure, Rose-flavoured satisfaction. 

I bought this one because I thought it looked cool and I still have no idea what flavour it was. But it was delicious!

The palace and gardens date back to the early 1600's and are the perfect place to spend a few hours relaxing or hunting for the many sculptures dotted around. 

What's your favourite sugary treat to keep your energy up while travelling?

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